Update: Database Assignments

I’ve looked at everyone’s shared Resource Database space. We’ll all virtually salute Jennifer Hitchock for having completed the entire assignment! Laura, Jenny & Maury have completed all of their entries ...

Digital Methods Reports

Thanks for your hard work in the Digital Methods Reports. Everyone’s hard work allowed us all to benefit from a little deeper digging. I think if designed well, projects in ...

Wrapping Up the Course

Below is the PDF with the plan/outline for the remainder of the course. If you will be submitting peer reviewable work later than posted, be sure to find reviewers (use ...


Due: Friday July 26th

UPDATE: Please note we’ll be meeting for class from 12:30-2:00pm. This will ...

Due: UPDATE Wednesday July 24th

Before Class 1. Read: About Digital Archives (3 readings): James Purdy, “Three ...

Due: UPDATE Thursday July 25th

Before Class 1. Read: Marcus Bank, Visual Methods in Social Research Chapters ...

Due: Tuesday July 23rd

Before Class 1. Read: Liza Potts, “Using Actor Network Theory to Trace ...

Due: Monday July 22nd

Before Class 1. Read: Christine L. Borgman, “Data: The Input and Output ...

Due: Friday July 19th

Before Class Read: Ted J. Gaiser & Anthony E. Schreiner, “Analyzing the ...

Latest News

Digital Methods Report Final Draft

The final draft of my blog for my Digital Methods Report IS the blog site I created here: http://english894odukatie.weebly.com/ I had a great time in this class and wish everyone the best of luck!

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Last reflection

I feel like singing Etta James’ At Last. 🙂 I have nothing but utter gratefulness after finishing this course. I learned so much not only from the class materials but also from my classmates, not only about research but also about being a better student. Seriously. I have been given a great chance to reflect […]

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Final Copy of Proposal

Catrina Mitchum Digital Writing Research Research Proposal for PinPoint Analysis August 7, 2013 Personal Introduction to the Project: In the Fall of 2011, I took a graduate class with Rochelle Rodrigo. Around the midterm, she asked me if I was interested in coming to a conference in March 2012 to “play” on the organizers end […]

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Final Reflection

Reflection: Revisit the course objectives and your individual course goals; along with today’s readings and everything else you’ve read in this class, how do you feel you have done in terms of meeting the course objectives and your goals? What do you feel like you’ve really learned? What are you excited about using/applying in the […]

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Resource Database Reflection

Reflection: How/why did you like or not like using the Research Resource Database? Which one did you use? Which functionalities did you like? Which functionalities did you not like or get confused with? Which functionalities would you still like to play with? Did you try generating a works cited/reference list for your proposal using the […]

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Theresia’s Final Draft of Research Proposal

Touchdown! I am indebted to Laura and Maury for their kind reviews. Really helped a lot! This final draft is far, far from decent, and I’m looking forward to having constructive feedback from you all!

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Amana Katora, Final Draft of Proposal

Amana C. Katora Professor Rochelle Rodrigo English 794 15 August 2013 Research Proposal for Studying Fan Fiction Feedback in Digital Spaces Introduction Years ago, I spent my free time writing role-play scenes for a character from the television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Myspace. While the first few times I wrote for the character […]

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Digital Method Reflection

I should have posted this last week, but I have to admit that I’ve been completely overwhelmed between both classes and the final push at work of orientations, consultant training, syllabus planning, tours, etc. etc. before the fall semester begins on Monday. But it must be done, so here it goes! I read the reports […]

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Resource Database Reflection

Since figuring out what on earth I’m  doing in it, I’ve really enjoyed using Zotero. It’s been extremely effective for helping me keep track of what research I’ve done and how I’ve categorized it. My favorite features of Zotero have been the “tag” options, the ability to pull bibliographic information from the address bar in […]

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POPPLET & the reflection that got away: Reflection for JULY 22nd

Hello Prof. Rodrigo: This is the only reflection posting that got away, but I am posting it here and now. This was a reflection which was due on July 22nd. I did complete it, but I wrote my statement in Zotero instead. I went over (I looked over) all of my reflections that I posted […]

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